Therapy Dog

This is Hope, our first therapy dog (in training)

Why a Therapy Dog?

Hope for OUR Children’s therapy dog will sit with children when they are transitioning to care and when they need to give evidence in court. It can be difficult for a child who has experienced trauma to accurately retell events. They will often have sensory memories such as the clock ticking, the bed squeaking or the door closing but don’t always remember sequencing. Providing a calming sensory stimulation such as a therapy dog that the child can sit with, pat and cuddle, can help their brain unwind and recall memories more clearly. This can mean clearer evidence which results in better justice for our children.

What does a Therapy Dog do?

Our Therapy Dogs will bring joy and comfort to children in the toughest times.
They will help calm children who are giving evidence in court and also vulnerable children who have been removed from their home.

New Therapy Dog

Our latest therapy puppy – Kit