Integrated Listening Therapy


  • 5 hour auditory intervention developed and patented by Dr. Stephen Porges
  • Reduce stress and auditory sensitivity
  • Enhance social engagement and resilinece
  • Calm the behavioural and physiological state
  • Accelerate or enhance therapy

Applications: trauma and anxiety, auditory hypersensitivity, inattention, behavioural dysregulation, difficulty with social communication, preparation for therapy.
Also known to help with depression and eating disorders.

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POLYVAGAL THEORY: The Science of Feeling Safe

Feeling safe in a complex world.

Now more than ever, the world is a busy place and filled with uncertainty. People of all ages, demographics and geographies are struggling and suffering.

Research and experience tell us that rapid societal change and adverse life experiences are increasingly resulting in physical and mental health challenges for huge parts of the global population, including:

  • Social, emotional and attachment disorders
  • Auditory hypersensitivity
  • Body organization 
  • Nervous system dysregulation
  • Learning, cognition and attention difficulty
  • Sensory processing differences
  • Stress-related physical conditions

While traditional treatments help some, many with adverse experiences, or conditions such as ADHD, autism or PTSD continue to face challenges. 

How do my ears help me feel calm? By contracting the muscle in our middle ears we can strengthen the ability to hear different tones and frequencies that we need to recognise to feel safe. The contraction of our middle ear also stimulates our vagus nerve and helps our body to reset our nervous system from being in fight/flight/freeze to feeling safe. Watch the video below for more information.

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