Backpacks for Children


We at HFOC love giving the gift of a bag filled with goodies to children recently removed or facing a transition. Our backpacks are distributed through the different foster care providers in our region or through the Department of Child Safety in the Toowoomba area. Here is the amount of bags donated to vulnerable children through Hope For Our Children since 2013.

Backpacks donated to date: 1899

Backpacks donated this year: 262

Updated: 11.10.23

We currently work with the following organisations:


Scripture Union Chaplaincy

Department of Child Services

Foundation Care

Goolburri Aboriginal Health Advancement Company Limited

Key Assets

Life Without Barriers

Mercy Community

Oz Child

If you would like to order a backpack:

10A Neil St


Qld 4350

Office hours: Tues – Thurs 8.30 – 2.30pm

Phone: Selena – 07 4638 5768