We are a group of people that were impacted by our own journeys with children at risk or removed from their first home.  We saw that not enough is done to meet to needs of children living away from home and we believe that more can be done.

We provide backpacks for children facing a transition or removal. Backpacks replace the garbage bag children have been seen dragging around. We want to stop the frequent placement changes in foster care, but while we work on that, we’re starting with the bag. We would love any donations you have.


Hope For Our Children have for the past year, with the help of grants and public donations, have donated 500 + backpacks full of necessities and toys to children in care/recently removed. This donation drive for kids in care has forged the way for Hope For Our Children to forge positive relationships with other organisations working to improve the lives of kids in care.


We offer support for carers, run coffee mornings, training and love. If you’re interested check out our Facebook events

We have a therapy dog growing and soon to be trained! This beautiful pooch will sit with children in police stations, courtrooms and contacts that are hard work emotionally for the children involved.

We dream of better reunification procedures, earlier permanency and stability for children where they only now feel heartbreak and rejection.
We dream of a shortage of children in care, of an overflow of high-quality carers, bio families and carers who work together for their children. We want the pie in the sky dreaming to be our reality…

We want people in our community to realise that they have the tools at hand to make a difference in a child’s life.