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Snow Place Like Home

What makes Christmas great? Community? Spending time with loved ones? Parties, presents, the food! The average family loves all these things but for families who are at risk, struggling with addictions, in poverty or very dysfunctional, Christmas time is a very hard time and can easily lead to family breakdown and the need for authorities to get involved.

For children not yet settled in their placements, and even some who are, Christmas time is a reminder of what’s missing. The craving for your biological family does not disappear because of abuse or hurt, and the feelings of hurt often feel magnified during this time of year. If you have a child in your home, remembering these feelings often surface in negative behaviours or patterns of behavior regression, try not to feel overwhelmed. Reassuring children and trying to treat the root cause of the emotions will help the child feel secure in this challenging season of their life.

Some great attachment exercises to incorporate into your Christmas schedule are as follows,

  • Play hide & seek
  • Paint each other’s faces, get out those Christmas colours!
  • Christmas Dance, dance together to some jolly music
  • Guess the Goodies, Put several small treats in a cup. Have the child close their mouth, pop in the treat and have the child guess what they’re eating and vica versa.

Enjoy your holiday time together and we’d love to hear of any adventures you have over this wonderful Christmas time. All the best from the team at Hope For Our Children!

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