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Happy Volunteers Week!

Hope For Our Children is 100% volunteer run! This is fantastic as it reduces the overhead costs and makes sure that any money donated gets to the front lines of what we do. It also means, that you our volunteers are VERY important and the lifeblood of HFOC!

So THANK YOU to all the volunteers that have given their time, money and energy towards keeping #HFOC running.

We have volunteers who give their time for

  • backpack drives
  • admin help
  • carer support
  • grant writing
  • events
  • therapy dog
  • submission writers
  • political meetings
  • knitting groups
  • sewing groups
  • general donations

and these volunteers often don’t get to see all the work of each other’s areas. For this reason we wanted to create a financial year overview of what we’ve accomplished in the past year.

To all the volunteers that made this year happen, THANK YOU!!!

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