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The Magic of Movement

Recently I’ve been listening to a great audiobook recommended to me by Backchat Speech Pathology. Highly recommend you read it, especially if you have a child on the spectrum, with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Trauma History, Learning disabilities, high energy needs…  

I will risk the sweeping statement that all children would benefit from the incorporation of this book into their home/school and childhood journey.

Check out the book here

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We’ve incorporated movement into our life as a high priority because we had children who looked like they needed medicating and were too young to medicate. So out of sheer desperation to get sleep, and lessen the aggression in the soul of our little one, we started chatting with all our kids about ways to lessen punishment for behaviours that they couldn’t control.

And instead, redirect said behaviour into an exercise that was fun not more punishment.

And let’s face it…. I could do with more exercise (my Hubby too… 😊)

So we started small with the suggestion from the kids that at meal times if someone didn’t remember their manners, they could do pushups per their age. E.g. if the 5yr old burps at the table, they would do 5 push-ups. This redirection of behaviour was hilarious, and for the first week, we had all children burping, passing gas, talking with their mouth full, flicking food etc. just so they could do pushups, and giggle all the way through the experience.

Soon the table became the pushup cheer squad for the member with bad manners, and it changed the atmosphere of our meals.

After one week of sore muscles, the kids magically retained and remembered their manners. .Be warned if you try this at home, no adult is exempt! And those kids, they watch you like a hawk, to be able to send you off to do your 35push-ups. Full disclosure here……. I’m still shaky after my 10th push-up.   

Soon we started branching out our movement incorporation into boxing bags and gloves at home, skipping ropes, BMX bikes, trampoline time, walks around the block etc. Those were things we regularly added into our day, and we limited screen time to Friday night movie nights or special occasions…. Like when Mum has a migraine. I bet that most of you probably already incorporate that into your lives, or can easily and cheaply.

The trick is when you incorporate the movement, it’s addictive, everyone’s mental health improves, relationships build through positive competition… especially if you’ve got some teens wanting to test out their Mum & Dad’s abilities.

Next came planning weekends as a family, actually scheduling cheap activities (mostly free) and movement based. Hiking, National Park walks, joining RSPCA’s Million Paw Walk. Our goal of the day was to see how many children we could exhaust by the trip home… spoiler alert, Mum & Dad don’t last as long as the kids most times 😊

We’ve now started regular weekends away camping and the planning that goes into them is SO FUN!!! Here is a clip to check out and hopefully inspire you! Steal our ideas, share your photos and videos with us! We want to see you all out having fun and building relationships with your kids, after all, we don’t have them for long.

FYI, our dog and my husband were completely well after the crash on the video, was a bit funny though!

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