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When Things Are Tough

In Queensland it’s simple math, there are more kids in care than there are carers. Stats retrieved from

Children Needing Care: 9,793

Carers: 5,258

Carers Exited Last Year: 1,335

According to statistics on the Department of Child Safety (2018), one-third of carers leave the system after two years, or after one order/placement….. in layman terms, after one child or sibling group.

  1. Being a carer of someone with health issues is hard
  2. Being a carer of someone with mental health issues is hard
  3. Being a carer of children is hard

Foster carers care for children with all of these factors, it can be brutal.

Even when the children are wonderful and behaviours are settling, it’s the system, court, specialists, extended families, biological relationship conflict, contact, giving evidence, lack of friends understanding… it’s these things that can be the tipping point. Tipping point being carers leaving and children yet again being bounced in care. Causing the continued cycle of rejection, disadvantage and suffering.

For these reasons, it’s important to have support from people who have experience in this field. We cannot invite brokenness into our homes and not be affected. We have a great and very experienced counsellor on board at Hope For Our Children, and we have helped lots of families access calm and strategies through such care.

We get it, at Hope For Our Children we believe that support and access to therapists for the whole family is imperative. It can be to help with parenting issues, marriage issues, help cope with a reunification. We offer families that want access to counselling, 4 free sessions. If you’d like to take us up on this offer, contact our office,

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