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Letter to the Editor

ros-batesThousands of abused children are languishing in care for years, with many facing multiple placements and no hope of ever being reunited with abusive drug-addicted parents.

Recent changes in New South Wales and Victoria have seen time limits placed on deadbeat parents to get their act together before alternate permanent placement orders are considered for abused children.
Latest child safety data in Queensland shows in the last 12 months more than 430 children who exited care had been there for 5 years or more with 85 of those having 10 or more carers in that time.
Abused children deserve better than languishing in care on a hope that someday their parents may get their act together or kick the drugs. 
Labor’s embattled Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman is happy to give kids back to drug addict parents so long as they submit to “mandatory” testing.
As a community we have to ask “When is enough, enough?” and give these vulnerable kids a loving, safe and stable home life in which to grow up.
Drugs and alcohol are the biggest issue affecting dysfunctional families and we shouldn’t be making excuses for useless parents at the expense of an innocent child.
It’s time we ensured the best interests of a child are upheld and not trampled on by a failed policy of reunifying broken families at all costs.
Shadow Minister for Child Safety

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